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Experience Aviation History-Touching Down at First Flight.

In December of 1903, Wilbur and Orville Wright set out upon a sandy dune in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina to conquer what most at that time thought was unthinkable. For the first time a manned machine, heavier than air attained loft and forward motion. The flight only lasted 12 seconds, and flew a mere distance of 120 feet- but history had been made. Today on that very same spot , the National Park Service maintains a memorial to the Wright Brothers and their contributions to aviation history. Along side is a small 3000ft airstrip known as First Flight (KFFA). A landing (and a take off) from this very spot where aviation history was made occupies a spot on nearly every aviation enthusiast’s bucket list”)

We here at Outer Banks Aviation would like nothing more than to share this incredible experience with you or someone you know. Whether you are a trained pilot, an aviation enthusiast, or just looking to do something truly unique and special while visiting the Outer Banks, we offer several options.

As one of our pilots put it: “Orville and Wilbur Wright dreamed of seeing what we fly over every day. Their dedication and focus so many years ago set in motion events which today allow us to share that dream with hundreds of people every year. Flying someone over to and above First Flight - and seeing the expression on their face - never gets old"

Upon completing our CFI-led checkout process, certified pilots can rent our Cessna 172 and make the trip from Manteo (MQI) to First Flight (FFA)airstrip. You'll land within sight of the very spot where Wilbur and Orville Wright made their historic first flight, crossing this major milestone off the pilot bucket-list. Not a pilot but still want to experience this moment of history? It never gets old for our pilots to fly over - or land and take off - at FFA. Our standard air tour will fly you over this historic landscape and you'll get an aerial view providing insight into the Wright Brothers choice of the Outer Banks for testing their flying machines. A customized air tour/charter will have you touching down at FFA, visiting the Wright Brother's memorial and taking off from this historical landmark.

Whichever way you choose, Outer Banks Aviation is here to help you achieve your aviation bucket list. Click below or give us a call to take off on a new adventure.

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